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This is my public page. Here is my private talk page.

At present, the information here is little more than a brain dump. It will get organized in time.


  • Quantum Insert Algorithm, the pedagogical version.
  • Black Hole Thermodynamics, anomalous currents, and Hawking radiation.
  • Notes on blackbody radiation in d dimensions and spherical coordinates.
  • Casimir Thermodynamics
  • Virial Theorem, conformal symmetry, Callan-Szymanzik, fluctuation-dissipation, and LSZ. Yes, all of them.
  • Nanoscale engineered metamaterials as Maxwell's Demons. theory and applications.
  • Asymptotically Safe UV CFT
  • Field amplitude cutoff regulation in QFT and orthogonal polynomial bases for renormalization group flow.
  • Photonic crystal black holes analogs
  • Why does background field theory fail for 1-loop β-function corrections from 1-loop gravitons?
  • Spongiform Encephalopathy, aka Biophysical pathodynamics of prion diseases, aka How Now Mad Cow?
  • Ecology and population dynamics of zombie invasions
  • Time Travel, initial value problems.
  • Pickup Ions
  • Domain wall fermions (and other particle modes) and broken Poincare symmetry
  • spacetime swimming
  • constraints on effective non-central forces in systems of classical rigid bodies and particles due to macroscopic and microscopic conservation of angular momentum.
  • Determination of the Lorentz force for the limit of a colored nonrelativistic particle charged under a Yang-Mills force.
  • Energy spectra of particles tunneling through a barrier: whence thermality?


  • 8.01
  • 8.13/14
  • Course development: Methods of Physics
  • Course development: Graduate Physics Qualifying Seminar
  • Course development: Graduate Physics Teacher Training
  • Course development: Quantum Field Theory (Abstract Mechanics) for Undergrads
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